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25 March 2010

I wonder whether Philly's going to start charging a Flash Mob tax.

14 January 2010

The Final Post Here

Hey all. Hope the last decade treated you well. Mine was kind of up and down, naw'mean?
In any event, this mass email will have to suffice as a personalized touch. For that, I'm sorry. But not as sorry as I would have been had I needed to type, oh, hundreds of separate emails to make what, in the grand scheme of things, are simple points. To wit:

-- I have a new website. It's
-- Yes, the P stands for Pimp. Because I'm pimp.
-- Fine, it's Patrick. You just had to destroy my dreams, didn't you?
-- My new email address is hickey at brianphickey [dot] com.
-- Yes, hotmail is still piped into my BlackBerry, but I'd rather just centralize all my online dealings to the site.
-- Because the site is named after me, and I think that's pretty cool -- even if I did the naming.
-- So, in review, please go to my new site, use my new email. Heck, while you're there, why not register at All the cool kids do.
-- The Saints will beat the Chargers in the Super Bowl. Bet.

Brian P. Hickey

06 January 2010

New site

Go check this out. All the cool kids do.

-- 30 --

03 January 2010

Back in the USoA

Hey all, hope your Christmases were merry and your New Year's Eve, good. We're back from our trip, but I'm still loopy-headed from all the travel and whatnot. Will start posting tomorrow, but the site will be shifting from here to So, bookmark it and start going there, if you'd be so kind as the only thing that'll appear on this page henceforth is something to the extent of, "Online me moved. Go here."
All the best in '10.

21 December 2009


Veredicto Final recaps soon join the Divorce Court blog. On now: Priest/exorcist instead falls in love with a stripper and a family argument about either moving out or illicit relations, rudimentary Spanish tells me.

Why USAir is the dregs of the earth

Fellow passengers/friends on our cancelled flight to Rome sum it up perfectly:

And, an addendum to said TV segment:
Rather than ranting about it, I’d just like to share with y’all the chronological specifics of what happened before, during and after me and my pregnant wife’s flight to Rome was cancelled for a wee-bit of snow.

This is a fitting end-post to a fucked-up decade.

14 December 2009

Ok, I mean it this time ...

It, being this.

13 December 2009

Untitled II, 13 December 09

Untitled, 12 Dec 09

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