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07 December 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (Eh, Whatever Edition)

You know that when a story about Wendy Williams in a fashion insert mag is probably the most interesting thing you've read over the weekend, it wasn't a good journalistic weekend. That's not to say there aren't OK stories out there, because there are, like those about the animated Mr. and Mrs. Woods car chase, the blow-by-blow of the Afghan war room, the state of Dutch liberalism and a tale about Sarah Palin that includes the paragraph ...
Palin’s discomfort is easy to understand. Race is often the subtext of populist campaigns; their most potent appeal is to whites who are feeling under siege by changing economic and cultural conditions. Palin’s strength with this constituency can only have grown since the last election. It’s the reason that her bus tour is passing through the small cities and towns (Fort Wayne, Indiana; Washington, Pennsylvania) where the 2008 election might have been won.

But since the reading fare was so light, here are some Saturday photos to startcha week up right.

'Ish: (1) 3 p.m. Snow begins to fall in the 215. (2) 9:15 p.m. Jon and the Ukulele Orchestra stage-strum at the North Star. Bobby G.'s life-time ban lifted to permit his one-night viewing and listening pleasure. (3) Wee hours. Brad tends to defaced mirror at work in Ridgemont.


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