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04 December 2009

To answer your four questions...

1. Yes, I've delved into the pit that's aka MTV's "Jersey Shore" last night.

2. Yes, I will be blogging about episodes once I can wrap my frigging head around what I'm watching.

3. Yes, I'm as insulted as those Dago Pride groups that made a stink before whatever her name is could climb into a hot tub and grind up on every gueed in sight. But for different reasons than woe is Italiano-ism. I worry about a bum rap landing upon the Jersey Shore where Charlie Dawg spent her formative years, 91st Street in Sea Isle

(No, those aren't her cases of Corona, neither, though, after seeing the Seaside debacle, I'd be shocked if pets don't drink). Well, technically Townsend's Inlet, but I don't want to get all "I know a fuckload more about the shore than you do, shoobies."
At least not yet.

4. And finally yes, even Chico Resch is ashamed.


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