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04 December 2009

Pat O'Brien back on TV!!!!!!!

Ok, fine, it was just for a day. On Extra, A.C. Slater's show, but seeing an apparently de-coked P.O'B. is the only thing that could take that sulfur taste out of my mouth from watching Jersey Shore. I took a picture of him for you ...

... and transcribed the conversation as well. It was about Tiger Woods who, I can only hope, was trying to line up a waitress for him and Betsy to get some hookers, get some coke and go f'in crazy with ...

POB: Well it's crazy. I guess they're finding out now what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas. Oops.
He'll lose no endorsements. He'll repair his image but it'll be a lot harder than winning the Masters, I'll tell you that.
Tiger's image has been nuked.
ACS Voice-Over: TV personality Pat O'Brien knows what it takes for Tiger to bounce back.
POB: Everybody bounces back. When you're walking through hell, you got to keep walking. Winning helps, a lot. There's a human part to this, too. The biggest problem he's got is his family. (He has) to man up to his family and put that back together and I hope he does that.

(Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tina, for sending the instant "Alert! Alert! POB on Extra" text last night!)


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