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05 November 2009

Why did I read the comments again?

Well, because of this supremely knowing one from a name I shan't repeat, on a story about the TWU strike.

Posted 09:16 AM, 11/05/2009
no where in this article did willie brown say anything about race. although he may have in some venues. learn to read and comprehend people. these were points the daily news noted.
yet the fact remains that septa has underfunded the twu's pension(s) and according to the thieving lawyer that represents septa and the city from ballard, spahr and "shisters" (aka the union busting lawyers for rendell and nutter) septa only pays into it what they're legally obligated to while septa funds managements pensions at 95%.
it's not just race it's the rich looking out the rich and pitting the working class against each other for crumbs. brown is right penny pitching nutter doesn't want the contract the twu gets to be a template to be used as a guideline for city employee contacts.
as a matter of fact nutter's pennypinching arse had a statement issued that the city wasn't going to pay for a phillies parade. it hadn't even been concluded there might even be a parade which we know now there isn't going to be. yet he wasted $$$ 2 weeks ago greasing the lightposts and having the large vases/urns removed from broad st. using police and other city heavy equipment.
actually it's management in this city be it septa or the city or city council that has a sense of self-entitlement just like all the corporate fat cats in this nation.
lastly since race has been interjected into this now is it right for septa management, which this article pointed out is mostly white to feel "self-entitled" to funding their pension(s) fully while only putting in what they feel like for the workers because they're mostly black.
the problem is we need a bogeyman to blame for our own cowardice because we won't stand to the people who are in charge and leading us all straight in to a hole. willie brown at least has the cajones to take the heat.
the rest of you tools are just glad to have a job in this economy that we all screwed in by the haves whose interests are protected by our elected officials.


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