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08 November 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (Faces of Death Edition)


From the looks of the reading highlights this weekend, it's a damn good thing health-care got through the House last night. No, not because some close-minded God freaks were able to shoe-horn even more state controls over what a woman does with the unformed fetus inside her. But, because all the good reading was about sufferin' pain.
-- Like how the Beltway Sniper is scheduled for righteous execution on Tuesday.
For those wounded by the D.C. snipers and for the relatives of those killed, the emotions leading up to Tuesday's scheduled execution of the mastermind behind the 2002 attacks vary as widely as those who found themselves in the cross hairs. ...
"The reason why this life is going to be taken has everything to do with choices that he made and the process that those choices took him through," (Robert) Meyers said. (Meyer's brother Dean was killed.)
Say, anti-death-penalty folks, I don't hear much protest out of y'all. It couldn't be that you realized you were fucking wrong about the issue the whole time, could it? Open your veins wide, John Muhammad. You're on the highway to hell now.

-- Or how the case of a woman who left Sixer Willie Green's house and hasn't been heard from again is still unsolved. And, quite frankly, is really hinkey, especially when Green's agent goes out of his way to say Green's in the clear.
The Knebels wonder why the basketball player and his guests did not take steps to ensure their daughter got home safely.
Green would not comment, saying: "I've already talked to the authorities, and they have all the information."
Somebody knows something, that's for sure.

-- Or how the sociological, societal impact of "Fight Club" continue to expand to this day.
In the academic sphere, as an Internet search of scholarly journals reveals, “Fight Club” has inspired a host of interpretations — Nietzschean, Buddhist, Marxist — in papers that take on topics including the “rhetoric of masculinity,” the “poetics of the body” and the “economics of patriarchy.”

-- Or how America has a very violent history.
Scholars ranging from theologians and psychologists to evolutionary biologists have offered theories about murder—theories of evil, theories of disease, theories of disposition—but the analytical burden placed on any general discussion of murder, freighted, as it is, with atrocity, is nearly unbearable. Nothing suffices, or can.


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