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12 November 2009

Three Great Things

1. I don't know how to say this other than just saying it, so here goes: One week after he emblazoned his version of Poker Face into my brain in perpetuity, Eric Cartman became Glenn Beck last night. Complete with an attack on Smurfs.
As an aside, I'm not saying Cartman is classier than ole Glenn-Bo. I'm just asking questions.

2. That Twilight guy on the cover may be getting all the attention, but Mark Bowden has a remarkable piece in this month's Vanity Fair, with MontCo ties, about a nuanced online sexual-predator case that may not be all that authorities made it out to be. Translation: They could have entrapped a local guy into saying he'd have sex with a woman's daughters just so he could have sex with her. I know, a tricky fine line. But, well worth a read before you decide for yourself.
Like other popular delusions, fear of the Internet child-molester contains a trace of logic. It is reasonable to ask if the explosion of Internet pornography, including child pornography, might lead more troubled souls down a path to criminal depravity. But the Internet has been with us since the mid-1990s. If it were going to cause a sudden increase in molestation, wouldn’t we have seen it by now? In fact, the trend lines go the opposite way. For instance, sexual assaults on teens fell dramatically—by 52 percent—between 1993 and 2005, according to the Justice Department’s National Crime Victimization Survey.

3. I stopped paying attention more than 24 hours ago so the whole thing may have gone berzerker crazy by now, but in the Sunday Times, there was an interesting sidebar about non-abortion nuances to the House health-care bill that bear understanding.
Lower taxes for gay couples who receive health benefits from employers. Nutrition labeling requirements for snack food sold in vending machines and many restaurants. A new program to teach parents how to interact with their children.
Those are some of the little-noticed provisions in a mammoth health care bill taken up Saturday by the House of Representatives.

3a. I'll post the link to my Metro column when it runs this week; it's about rasslin', at least in part it is.


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