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18 October 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (With Tool Academy on in the Background Edition)

As I type, Stew, aka the Hillbilly Tool, just got his Trust badge. Which is commendable, to say the least. Yeah, I chose to watch Tool Academy than the first half of the 1 p.m. games. I'm OK with that. (FWIW: Guyliner Tool got thrown out. And his girl left him. He's just a tool.)
Here's the weekend goods ...
-- A Times magazine piece that's about a company, but made me ponder whether artistic tastes can be understood via formula.
Others, of course, are not impressed by the genome’s results. Someone passed along to me a harsh assessment by Bob Lefsetz, whose popular Lefsetz Letter critiques pretty much every aspect of the contemporary music business. “I tried and rejected it,” he wrote. “Was flummoxed when a Jackson Browne station I created delivered a Journey song. Huh? . . . Jackson is music for the mind, Journey is music for the MINDLESS!”

-- A cosmic concurrence: All five front-page Inquirer stories are good stuff.
1. People don't want to touch other people anymore.
2. C'mon, did anybody think Balloon Boy wasn't going to be the new American court reali-drama?
3. Oh, so the stimulus is actually starting to show tangible success? Oh, it's leaving traffic snarled everywhere?
4. Geisinger Health System is either a health-care outlier, anomaly or somewhere in between.
and 5. West Philly High Principal Saliyah Cruz: Successes where nobody thought possible.

-- A quote encapsulating this sell-out culture, in a story about someone who was troubled by being perceived as accepting a sell-out culture because ...
"...those barrels he took cost us exactly $346, and we got tens of thousands of dollars in free publicity. I'd have to say it worked out pretty well."


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