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01 October 2009

My coma vs. Sarah's coma

So, a lot of people have told me, "You should write a book" about the whole coma/almost-dying thing. And, truth be told, I'm chipping away at a proposal because of said suggestions. But then I read something like this ...
NEW YORK - Just two days after HarperCollins announced that Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" had been moved up from the spring to Nov. 17, preorders Wednesday night for the former Alaska governor's memoir made it No. 1 on both and Barnes &

... and it plants the seed of, "No way it'll sell. You're not a simpleton and it's not a simple story, so that knocks mainstream American readers out of your wheelhouse."
I have things to think about now.
I mean, can Palin's book be more complex than the nine chapters I wrote on Twitter yesterday? (Read from bottom up for maximum reading comprehension)

Palin author's note: Me worked hard on book. Me think you like reading about I. Me like reading about I 2. Vote for I. Me good for US and A.
7:11 AM Sep 30th from web Palin

Chapter 9: Socialism. Communism. Down with Pol Pot! Guns don't kill people; moose kill people. Screw you, Todd. I'll be back. The End!
7:09 AM Sep 30th from web

Palin Chapter 8: So sad. Nobody understands the pressures I face. This GED won't attain itself. Did you see me use the big word "attain"?
7:07 AM Sep 30th from web

Palin Chapter 7: asdnarjangbv awrawrkngv;hjstsijawenfa bang bang asekwaefngf
7:06 AM Sep 30th from web

Palin Chapter 6: Help me Obi Glenn Beck Kenobi, you're my only hope to rile the stupid people up to get even some votes in 2012.
7:06 AM Sep 30th from web

Palin Chapter 5: Well, Todd left. Said I was an uncaring maniac. But I don't care. I can still see Russia. And I can still get on Fox.
7:05 AM Sep 30th from web

Palin Chapter 4: Todd? Are you here Todd? TODDDDDDDDDDDDDD, you f*cking skirt, answer when I talk to you, ladyboy!
7:03 AM Sep 30th from web

Palin Chapter 3: Went back to being governor but all I thought about was biting Bristol's ear off. She wouldn't be hotter then, right Todd?
7:02 AM Sep 30th from web

Palin Chapter 2: We lost, but it wasn't my fault. Damned Levi distracted me. Why the hell do people think Bristol's hotter than me? Is she?
6:59 AM Sep 30th from web

Sample Palin chapter: I ran for VP because the geezer needed to put a hottie on camera. I thought it's bc of my brains though. The end.
6:51 AM Sep 30th from web


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