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14 October 2009

Midweek Reading Roundup

Sometime, you come across a story so, well, dumb that you have to share ...
Airport screening technology has turned to an unusual accessory -- the Nintendo Wii balance board -- to identify fidgety, nervous passengers who might have explosives or illegal items concealed on their persons. Or they could have had a long day and just don't want to stand still.
The Wii balance board is part of a $20 million Homeland Security-funded project called Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST). Researchers hope that using sensors to detect passenger heart rate, breathing, shifty eyes, body temperature and yes, fidgeting, could help security figure out who might have something to hide.

Twenty million dollar project? Using Wii balance boards to stop terrorism? Man oh man.
But what pisses me off more? Popular Science doesn't have this month's issue online yet so I could share the answer to the age-old question:
Tyrannosaurus rex had puny arms. Could a human beat one in an arm-wrestling match? -- Lucas Saladin, via e-mail.

Short answer shorter: Lincoln Hawk wouldn't have stood a chance.
As for Vanity Fair, well, yeah, they had stories about Murdoch vs. Internet, reconsidering Rockwell and an ironically timed convo with Paul Shaffer. But, what caught my attention were the Penelope Cruz photos. Even this one from 1998 on the peneloslideshow...

That will be all for today.


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