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23 October 2009

Lo siento, amigos y amigas

Hey all, it's good to be back. I just flew in from writing a pair of long pieces, and man are my fingertips tired.
Gotta grab a bus downtown in a few, for a few, but I figured it'd be kind to share a few impressions I've made while distracted from reality the past few days.
Like this, from South Park, Co., where the locals were concerned that der tekin' er jerbs ...

Or here, at Paddy's Pub, where I left wondering whether there really is a tunnel that runs from the 'Oliday Inn to the stadium, or whether that tunnel would actually lead to the parking lot where the Vet was ...

Or here, where I left wondering whether it might actually be good to have a tunnel leading away from Mayfair. In any direction...

Coming later today: A slew of DVRd Divorce Court updates!


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