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30 October 2009

Knives Live TV

So I'm sitting here fixated on Knives Live TV with Tony Watkins and Steve Koontz. I would venture to guess one, if not both, have cut human flesh. Tony would be like a George "the Animal" Steel (or is it Steele?). Steve would be like the creepy dude at Vader's side in the opening minutes of Star Wars. Oh, so, check these blades out.

"The days of this material being available, I've gotta say, are extremely numbered, ladies and gentlemen, at this kind of value so git in here, git on the line, ring that phone," Tony says.
I gotta run, though: they're talking about amendments to switchblade law. It sounds like something miraculous happened: You can own all the thumb-assisted open tactical knives you want "no questions asked."
My country tis of thee.


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