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12 October 2009

The Kade Show?

What I first noticed as a random Twitter post has now risen to the level of concern. It seems that behemedoucheth Arthur Kade and his representation have taken to the streets of Center City -- specifithcally Rittenhouth Square. It seems as ifth they're putting together a pilot. A pilot with absolutely zero redeeming qualitiesth.
Here's what a witness described as the scene at G Lounge ...

camera crews were following him and GN Kang (it's kang, right?) the lingerie football chick. i believe she's on the radio with Chio or something. one of those Q102 morning shits. she was dressed in her fucking uniform, sans shoulder pads, plus that black under eye football stuff. you know the swipe....

(Photo from HughE Dillon's site)

we first thought it was jon minus kate because of the hoopla and camera, but we all freaked the fuck out when we realized it was kade. so much so that the camera guy said, "wow, i can't believe we missed that shot." dear lord. totally star struck + spaztastic + we are awesomely immature 25 year olds.

K and his gang took shots at the bar with some 9s and then the camera crews talked to people who had something to say about Arthur. their queston was "what do you think about arthur kade?"

verbal vomit. i may cry if i end up on television. i may have to go to therapy because i'm ACTUALLY obsessed. he walked by us later and i couldn't even be cool and be like "yo arthur, rank me on the kade scale." i'm also PISSED AS HELL that i didnt think to end my verbal vomit with a "kade out!" i clearly suc as a stalking fan.

dear god. i need a drink just thinking about this.

anyway, other bits:
the producers as IMG Productions, Inc. and the legalese reads "in connection with a demo tape of the program currently entitled 'Arthur Kade'..." and the release comes from NY state.

since it sas "demo tape," i'm assuming they are filming some sort of pilot episode to pitch to people?

also, no idea who IMG Productions or who the parent company is.

anyway, thats enough embarrassment for the day,


Good work on the recap, MB! And bad work on the degradation of Philadelphia, IMG. You should/will be ashamed of yourselves.


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