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05 October 2009

Jerry Komar's Greatest Hits

Something struck me as familiar when I was reading the NY Times' Public Editor column yesterday and saw this ...
Jerry Komar of Collingswood, N.J., said Times editors “hoped the [ACORN]story would blow over. They were caught in their own web of bias.”

Jerry Komar, I said to myself, he was the guy who wrote a few anti-lib screeds when I compiled the letters to the editor at City Paper, wasn't he?
Yes, he was, said a Google search this morn.
So with no further ado, here are a few highlights of the Komar collection:

On John Kerry ...
We know Kerry slandered a generation of veterans and he's not apologized to us yet. (He had multiple opportunities in just the last several weeks with appearances in front of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars).

On war critics...
Next time I hear or read that someone says they support the troops but not the war, I'll shoot myself.

On Kerry, again...
It should surprise no one that Sen. John Kerry stabbed the Vietnamese community in the back. He did the same to an entire generation of Vietnam Era veterans in 1971.

And, on white flight from Philly...
It should surprise no one that many living in Philadelphia want to leave the city. I happen to be one of those Philadelphians who returned and left Philadelphia at least five times since the mid-1960s.

God bless the serial letter-to-the-editor writers.


Blogger Jerry said...

Yo Brian:

Hey, thanks for posting some parts of my letters to the editor.

It's great having a Lefty Strap like you get my message out even more bro.

You are "da man!!!"

See any good fake, phony and fraud Michael Moore and/or Al Gore movies lately.

Regarding that back-stabbing, fake, phony and fraud Sen. J.F. Kerry, where's that loser been lately anyway?--probably still sticking it to us veterans and the Vietnamese people or perhaps hanging around with his former back-stabbing friends like Fonda, Hayden and Ayers.

See ya.

1:25 PM  

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