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24 October 2009

Hey, hit-and-run driver from Collingswood or HT...

... You catch the news today? About how, two years after a dirtbag did the same thing you did at Atlantic and Linden 11 months ago, he's heading to jail? I'm sure you did. Because you realize things aren't going to end any better for you. (As a side note: I hope you read the end of the Philly Mag piece.) If I might offer a suggestion: You may want to let your close friends (and/or parents) know that you'll disown them if they choose the $10K reward over your future. Because, as this story clearly points out, that'll probably happen.
Davis' determination to find her son's killer - the late-night calls to police, the money she spent on fliers and a billboard, and the hundreds of hours she spent searching for dented cars and copying license plates - paid off when a tipster spotted the billboard and called police, claiming she knew the suspect's girlfriend.
"People used to say to me, 'Why don't you stop all this; it's never going to bring him back,' but I could never give up and let the grief take over," said the former Verizon employee. "I knew he was out there somewhere."
"Somewhere" turned out to be Franklin Township, Gloucester County, where authorities say 22-year-old Joseph Bozzelli had been living with his guilt for two years - and possibly destroying the evidence - before his girlfriend gave a statement that tied him to the accident.

In any event, looking forward to making your acquaintance, you godless punk.


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