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06 October 2009

Getcha predictions here! [Um, yeah, substitute Twins for Detroit]

With the Detroit/Minnesota play in about to begin, might as well come correct with some predictions on the baseball playoffs. AL, NL, then WS style:

Play-in game:
Detroit vs Minnesota (Tigers 4-2)

Detroit vs. Yankees (Detroit 3-2) Yanks just don't have the pitchin to match their hittin.
Angels vs. Sox (Angels 3-1) Do it for Nick-y.

Detroit vs. Angels (Angels 4-2) In the battle of civic redemption vs. personal mission, personal mission always wins. Especially with a lineup as potent as L.A.'s.

St. Louis vs. Dodgers (Cards 3-0) Pitching, pitching, hitting.
Philly vs. Colorado (Philly 3-2) A home split. An away split. A nerve-wracking Lidge save.

St. Louis vs. Philly (Philly 4-3) Er-body talkin' 'bout the Cards pitchers. As well they should. But, the Phils got big, battle-tested bats. And Game Seven'll be here.

World Series:

And here where local luck runs out. Angels 4-3. Because the Angels have big bats, too. And, sorry folks, the bullpen may have 10 bits of ammo left, but it won't close out an 11th playoff victory.


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