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14 October 2009

Further evidence that the Debil is running the show

I've seen a jumper's teeth scattered about 20 feet from where the rest of the body was.
Smelled a floater after authorities pulled it from the S.C. river where it'd been bloating/floating for a couple weeks.
And, among many other things, I've seen blood oozing from a head that had been smashed by a brick. Such are the experiences of being a crime reporter.

All of which is to say it's all the more remarkable that it took this video of Kade and his abortion-offerin' father to really, you know, skeeve me out.

In conclusion, might I draw your attention to an interview with Colin Shearn of The Franklin (have never been there, and never would have been there, but now I insist on giving the place some of my money on, you know, moral and ethical grounds) on which states ...
Q: Your worst customer in five words or less
A: Arthur Kade. Seriously, he is everything that's wrong with this city.

Now it places the lotion in the basket.


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