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21 October 2009

Dirty Politics

So, I just happened to watch Action News at noon and saw this commercial on there, typical "dirty politics at election time" fare. Well, on this one, I had to say something. It seems that "Albano and Milam," whomever the hell they are, have hopped on the "hey, he's a Republican so he can't have a single redeeming quality" bandwagon. Well, I know Michael Donohue. Used to work with his wife. Covered a couple cases in which he was involved.
Even though we disagree on Big Sloppy Christie's suitability for governor, and on a few other issues, he's good people. I don't care if he comes down philosophically different than I do, he'd be a damn good, hard-working state senator for Cape and portions of Atlantic counties.
If you live there, I'll vouch for him.
He's a good guy, dedicated to community, strives to do the right thing.
So, that explains why I took the liberty of presenting Albano and Milam's ad as it should accurately be presented.


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