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31 October 2009

Buy him some peanuts and orig-inal-ity

Seems that original, interesting ideas are so few and far between at the World Series pitting the team with the latest championship against the team with the most that the Inquirer's John Gonzalez just didn't know what to do today. So, he delved into a discussion that ensues every time I wear a Cubs or Broncos hat out the door.
I get the impression he must've been a male cheerleader in high school with long unfulfilled letter-jacket yearnings.
If you absolutely insist on ignoring this most fundamental fan doctrine and root for an out-of-market squad, please remember that you can't claim multiple teams from the same sport. You get one - and only one - in baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. That's it. This isn't a buffet, and it's not all you can eat.

Oh me, oh my, just how can I not marry myself to teams that play in the area I was born? Well, I'll quote from the City Paper story from when I was in a hospital bed:
He sat in a corner office, usually wearing his ratty Cubs hat or a Broncos knit cap (Brian is too stubborn to root only for local teams) ...

You see, Young Johnny, I followed Ryne Sandberg to Chicago considering I was a little-league second baseman who became attached to a player. And, John Elway is better than every Eagles quarterback in history, even in those days when he was getting drilled in back-to-back SBs. So, you may lazily rely on the "this'll get the blue-collar fans in my corner" mantra that enabled you to sneak the Saturday column past your editor. But, the only singular crime I can see is letting this dude waste newsprint on nonsensical "issues" that have been argued into the horse morgue long ago.
Go Cubs. Go Phillies.
Go Broncos. Go Eagles.
Go Inquirer. Go New York Times.


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