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23 September 2009

When in Rome?

The moral of the story? Never set up a coke-robbery unless you want to die. Even if your homestead is in the most Romantic, elegant new Philadelphia development that will attract both people and their purebred pooches to communal Philadelphia gatherings. To wit (from an inmate, with the person he's talking about not around to defend herself):
The suspect who police maintain was the main gunman in the fatal shooting in June at the Piazza in Northern Liberties has told authorities that one of the two victims - well-known party planner Rian Thal - helped orchestrate the robbery that led to her death, according to several law enforcement sources.
Donnell Murchison, the alleged gunman, claims Thal and another convicted drug dealer arranged for him and other armed men to "rob" Thal on June 27, the day her suppliers dropped off a shipment of drugs, the sources said. By setting up a robbery with an acquaintance, presumably Thal could have profited by getting a kickback either in cash or in some of the stolen drugs.

Oh me, oh my, well that doesn't sound like a nothing-to-see-here random crime, now does it? (I wonder if this will bump -- no pun intended -- the 95-yo's birthday party from atop the Piazza blog.)
Remember: This is not about living. This is about lifestyle.


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