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06 September 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (Paranoia Will/Will Not Destroy Ya Edition)

1. PECO is spying on everybody to help in the fight against grow-houses.

2. The rural, slack-jawed yokels want Philadelphia to devolve into a Thunderdome-esque reality with Anna Verna assuming the role of Aunty Entity and Frankie DiCicco as Jedediah the Pilot. (Some folk'll never eat a skunk, so they'll just forcefeed 'em through their chest hole.)

3. Hospitals will kill you if the flood waters rise. Which sucks, 'cause in Philly, there are a lot of hospitals near the Delaware and Schuylkill.

4. Studios wanted to kill the Wild Things (but Spike Jonze did it for Johnny as nothing gold shall stay.)

And 5. There are some people out there who stab babies in the head. Seriously.

The moral of these stories?
Two men enter.
One man leaves.
Repeat. Para eternidad.


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