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13 September 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (Monsignor Edition)

Admit it: At one time or another (or more) you've asked yourself, "Why is Hickey so goofy-brained?" Well, I'll tell you: From the age of 4 till about 12, what I saw when I looked out my bedroom window was Holy Saviour Church. And having the Lord looking over you 24/7 will make a lad loopy. Just look at all these religious folks today.
But I digress.
The reason I mention this is seven-fold:
1) I was a Holy Savior altar boy
2) that has no ill memory of said service
3) but always wanted to get the noon mass during football season
4) because Msgr. McDade
5) God rest his soul
6) would Homily-ize so friggin' quick
7) that congregants were back in their easy chairs in time for the 12:30 p.m. pre-game show.
All of which is to explain why I'm going all McDade-style with the stories I've read so far today. There may be a Second Reading, of course, so check back. Tomorrow.

-- RIP, Fred Sherrrrrman.
-- A follow-up RIP, Tony Thornton.
-- The Road, why do thou forsake me with an additional month of waiting to see ye.
-- Krakauer's book on Tillman? A mixed-bag, sayeth the review.
-- All praise unto Bill Clinton at 63. (Side note: Esquire named Ed Rendell one of its "75 Best People in the World" in the same issue "because he proves that not every macher need be a pig or a prick." Not a pig? Paging Lisa DePaulo for comment.)
-- We got spirit. Yeah. We got spirit. Yeah. We got what, what, what, what, a whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat. That's right, bitches, Haddon Township High's 17 on Philly Mag's Top 50 Public High Schools. You hear that, Heights (38)? You hear that, Collingswood (47)?
-- And, in Church news, Stephen Colbert was photographed in Rolling Stone walking his pet bald eagle. Let us give thanks to the Lord, our God. It is right to give Him thanks and praise:


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