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01 September 2009

Two Songs and One Whole Album I Downloaded Recently (Misters Robinson Edition)

You know those insightful pop quizzes that eventually always turn to "What 10 Records would most want when you're stranded on a desert island" or something like that?
Yeah, me too.
And I always go with "Water, Panzarottis, Jenny McCarthy (circa 1991), Topanga, Jager, Charlie Dawg, Miller Lite, BBQ Grill, Ample BBQ Food and magic plants."
But they're not albums.
And I don't have time to think of 10 records. (Though a Prince/Morris Day mixtape would be among them.) But when I do consider the topic, I try to narrow it down to one. It always ends up being The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. Always. Can't really put into words why other than these "It's just my favorite album from one of my favorite 'Sit on the deck in Sea Isle' bands."
All of which is to explain why I purchased, well, downloaded, their new "Before the Frost ... Until the Freeze" this morning. All I can say after listening to it once is this: It captures a lot of the same "Ahh" vibe that SHMC did, but is substantially funkier. You hear the Crowes, you hear George Harrison's India trips, you hear the Dead, and you hear two bros who really don't get along but when they get together, they make some damn fine tunes. I've only listened to it all the way through once.
But if you're going to talk single tracks, I'm totally digging mostly-instrumental "Aimless Peacock" and the mostly-Chris "I Ain't Hiding." Either could be from the 60s or 70s or 80s or 90s or 00s which, now that I type it, is probably what draws me to the Crowes in the first place.

As for the two other songs, well, hell, if you say "White Horse" ain't a classic, yer wrong.

And if you say it's borderline bisexual for me to be fixated on the peppy "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, you'll get forkstabbed.
Even if you're probably right.


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