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06 September 2009

Two Questions from SI's QB Forum

1. Does Ben Roethlisberger prefer the company of men?
KING: What's the one job you'd like to have if you weren't an NFL quarterback?
ROETHLISBERGER: A relief pitcher, like Mariano Rivera, coming in every once in a while, making lots of money; or a fighter pilot, like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

(I know Mav was blessed with motorcycling ability beyond yours, so there's no need to try so hard not to show it, Ben-neeeeey.)

2. Could Carson Palmer be right?
KING: What do you say about the criticism that the league is too protective of quarterbacks?
PALMER: The truth of the matter is, somebody is going to die in the NFL. It's going to happen. Guys are getting so big, so fast, so explosive. The game's so violent. I hope it's not anyone at this table, and I hope it doesn't happen, obviously.

Much, much more here.


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