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29 September 2009

Three Songs I Recently Downloaded -- Throwback Edition (With a Record Recommendation)

1. "Just Breathe," Pearl Jam. All the talk about PJ's new album is that it's tight and punky and over before two DVRd episodes of Divorce Court (Ok, I made up that last part. Obviously. But it is only 38-ish minutes). Me and the Bride are going to one of their Spectrum finale shows. Because they rock. And because Eddie didn't blow his brains out and end up getting whored out in Guitar Hero (Seriously, it's disgusting to see Cobain doing a Bon Jovi track. And this is coming from a Jersey boy who, if he was Greek, would consider Jon some sort of God variation at the Parthenon or whereever it is that Greek Gods congregate.) Oh, the song? Yeah, it's actually chill. And I've always found Pearl Jam's much more powerful when chilled out, except for that f'ing played-out Yellow Ledbetter. Makes Vedder's voice more attention-grabbing, so thinketh me.

2. "Off That," Jay-Z. As far as I'm concerned, Jay-Z is not the greatest rapper alive. Chuck D is. With Rakim and Big Daddy Kane closing out the medals board. Still, "Rap Game/Crack Game" is tight. And so is "Off That." I was compelled to hear what Timbaland would do with a Jaywn. Sounds like what he does with even moderately talented performers' songs: Hydraulic bouncin'.

3. "Flight 187," 50 Cent. Eagles' backup-QB shouted out. (No, not Kolb.) "When dogs are fightin in the hood, nobody gives a f*ck. ..." Represent.

RR: If you're not so far gone that you can appreciate borderline country licks, getcha hands on Ryan Bingham's "Roadhouse Sun." Except for a couple mediocre tracks, dude's created something that listenable from beginning to end, even when you're throwing haymakers at imaginary foes during the Wii Gold's Gym Cardio Workout.
Check him out at the North Star next Wednesday (or my review of said show linked from this here blog on Thursday or Friday.)


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