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10 September 2009

Five Interesting Stories

1. Some weed grows in Millville. Publicly.

2. An alleged mobster allegedly spat upon a cop.

3. I don't know how this escaped my notice in July, but another fine citizen blames me for getting run over in the comments about a fine Camden County College professor who did the same. Nice!

4. Selena Roberts' column about the recoil that a hero kid experienced post-saving-lives is compelling.

5. And, you know how I mentioned that South Carolina is "a nice part of America with many, many nice people but a few not-so-nice folks who torched African-American churches" in my Metro column that ran in Philly yesterday, and Boston today (thanks Josh!)? Well yeah, um, I'm not saying that Rep. Joe Wilson is an arsonist. I'm just asking questions. Questions that include, "Does immature douchebaggery lead to arson?"


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