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16 September 2009

Last Night's Phillies Game

Most people are talking about lil girl throwing the foul ball back onto the field. Or Cliff Lee going a full nine shutout. Not me, though. I'm talking about Tyrone's Bitch. Via Twitter last night ...

Tyrone's in front of me at the Phils game. I know this bc the lady next to him is sporting a sleeveless Tshirt that reads "Tyrone's B*tch".
about 18 hours ago from txt

This makes me want to make a line of apparel that says "Hickey's Bitch" and sell them at Target.
about 18 hours ago from txt

As far as I can tell, the implication isn't that "Tyrone is b*tch." He seems pretty cool. She's just comfortable declaring her Tyro-status.
about 18 hours ago from txt

Tyrone's Bitch's friend, after the Nationals LF caught the ball: "Yo drop the ball, p*ssy." She's not sporting Tyrone-wear, thankfully.
about 18 hours ago from txt

All props and credit to the Phillies fan photographer who handed Tyrone a card off of which I was able to eyesdrop the Phillies Fan Fotos website to see it online. And all props and credit to Tyrone and Tyrone's Bitch for being there in my time of need.
(And yes, that's my knee and hands and Blackberry from which I updated the Twitter world about the presence of Tyrone's Bitch. You say I need more productive things to do with my time, I say to-mahh-toe.)


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