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28 September 2009

Daily News dips into the insane-letters well

Presented without follow-up comment, so as not to give Pat the wrong idea ...
THANK God for Glenn Beck, one of the few Americans with the guts to ask the hard questions regarding this administration.
The left labels him a fearmonger and right-wing nut job. Good! The more they hate someone, the more it makes us Americans realize just how much they fear the truth.
I see that his hometown of Mt. Vernon, Wash., has more than its share of leftist lug nuts protesting his homecoming.
They are tolerant of every tyrant in the world, but an American who dares criticize socialism is to be demonized. They are so outraged - while I am so thrilled.
Pat Dougherty

Oh hell, I can't resist.
Thank God for people who can see Glenn Beck as a fear-monger who's whipping white folk like, I presume, Pat and Pat's kinfolk, into a murderous rage.
He's a maniac.
Defending him, while all he's doing is mindf*cking you, is nothing short of maniacal.
Off to Ancora now.


Anonymous Laney Landry said...

"You People???" What the hell does she think you have been talking about. She probably doesn't have a clue about what's going on in our government. Probably only knows what someone else told her or something she heard on the propaganda filled news stations. Don't stop Beck.

7:54 PM  

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