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23 September 2009

Brad Lidge may very well be days away from joining the Dead to Me List

I tore the back page out of this week's Sports Illustrated, wholly intending to write a "oh look, SI's Phil Taylor is kind of throwing props Philly's way for how it's not riding Brad Lidge all that hard for his trials/tribulations this here season ...
Philadelphia is as unforgiving a city as there is in sports, but the fans have been so thrown by Lidge's display of maturity that they can't quite bring themselves to unload on him with both barrels. They haven't gone completely soft: A blogger asked readers to express their feelings about Lidge in 10 words or fewer, and one of the responses was, "Thanks for the World Series ring, here is your suitcase."
But the Lidge they deride online and on talk radio is the same Lidge who patiently signs their autographs at Citizens Bank Park even in the worst of times, which is why when he came in for the ninth inning of a game against Washington last week, the fans stood and cheered as if they weren't scared to death that he would let another lead slip away. (He didn't.)

I typed it before, but I'll type it again: Lidge has a Free Get Out of Savage Criticism Card since he threw the pitch that broke a quarter-century civic curse. But what he DOESN'T have is a Free F*ck Hickey's Fantasy Team Thus Costing Him Three Digits in the Wallet Card. Which is precisely what he did by costing Hamels another win tonight.
Dude, c'mon. Homie's not back to full-time yet. Help a brother out. As in, if you blow either Happ's or Pedro's win before Sunday, Brad Lidge formally joins the Dead To Me list. He'll be below Celine Dion (obviously) but above South Bend, Ind. chokers.
You've been warned, Brad.


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