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02 August 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (Top Ten List Edition)

10. Fine, this entry is more of a viewing roundup, but it comes from Johnny Dangerously, when Danny D.A. DeVito offers Johnny's Crime-Fightin' brother a chance to basically get into the paid-to-play-along mix. He offers him a "cozy little love nest "with plenty of closet space ... [and] perfect for entertaining" which just happens to be ...

9. What's the best way to note the death of the nation's legendary-est newsman? Not with a piece that requires seven corrections, that's fo sho.

8. A great photographer does not a good money-handler make.

7. Happy trails, to sex-tourist Andrew Mogilyansky.

6. When: Aug. 1. Where: Banquet & Conference Center, Executive Drive, Newark, Del. Who: Eight People. What: Shotgun Par-tay! RSVP not necessary.

5. Aw wook, wittle Wed Sawks fan thinks that the Wed Sawks titles are cwean becawse evewybody used sterwoids. (Note to Charles McGrath: It takes on a wee-bit more importance when your two biggest bats were juiced up.)

4. Looks like I'm using my unemployed time a little different than 1 out of 10 Americans. The bar for "relaxing, thinking" seems a bit shallow, no? I noted this because I like to relax and think sometimes.

3. Girl walks into a bar with a fetus in her belly. Asks the bartender, "Some people think that if I get an abortion, crime will go down. Will they?"

2. Writer walks into a bar with a pen in his hand. Asks the bartender, "Some people, myself included, think cops are cocky pricks. And, get this, the newspaper lets me write about it as long as I cover my tracks by saying, They're not all bad, but didja ever have a cop be mean to you? Then you must be an American. Am I wrong here?" (Um, yes, you are unless you're comfortable with media critics saying every last writer is a fame-hungry opportunist, because that's exactly how a broad-brush paints.)

And, the No. 1 thing from today's papers is:
The Region Section front of the Inquirer features three ladies checking out some sort of high-tech wall over at the Comcast building...

... but you wouldn't know they were a trio if you saw it online!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, they cut out the third girl...that's mean...
I guess I have been living under a rock because I knew nothing of the comcast wall until I read the Sunday paper.

11:00 AM  

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