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09 August 2009

Weekend Reading Roundup (After Two Mongo-Sized Iced Coffees Edition)

For starters, here's a link to my column in the Inquirer today. Hope you like it.
But now that I've dispensed with the self-promotion, here are a couple interesting pieces I've perused today, after some randomness.
Like this column from 2007 bashing what I deem the stone-cold reality of mixed-martial arts.
Or, the Platt Brothers who I caught on The Soup or some sort of broth-based program...

Dudes. Kind of remind me of the Peacock boys from the X-Files. (I know, I know, mentioned them a couple weeks ago, but hey: My blog, my freak-show references.)

Onto the articles!
-- This whole baseball steroid thing that surfaces every month or so? I'm of the mind that some prick who wants to drag the humiliation out for a sport that he perceives wronged him got his hand on the roid list and is trying to be all Deep Throat when that time of the month comes around. The New York Times public editor, however, claims differently:
I sympathize with the wish to make the bad news go away, but one of a newspaper’s fundamental obligations is to examine the integrity of institutions, including baseball. If the steroids story seems drawn out, it is because it is hard to get. Tom Jolly, the sports editor, said nobody is slipping the list of those who used drugs under the door: it is taking old-fashioned digging to get each name.

-- Among the more interesting passages in the NY Times Magazine piece about daily-newspaperless Philly:
[Tierney] is under no illusion, though, that the Web site will come close any time soon to supporting the news-gathering of the 400 journalists he employs. For that, he has the print editions. (The joint Web site for The Inquirer and The Daily News accounts for just 6.5 percent of the company’s advertising revenue, a little below the industry average. On it own, it would support a fraction of the current staff, maybe just a few dozen journalists.) Tierney has ordered a stop to the practice of putting exclusive Inquirer and Daily News articles up on the night before their publication in print. This extends even to reviews. “Are we going to get beat on a restaurant review?” he said. “I don’t think so.”

-- This is a friggin' wild story that could be interpreted as, "White chick gets jumped and mugged in Camden but, after dropping two N-bombs, the police ain't inclined to offer much help."
Halpin, 29, who is white and now works as a substance and alcohol abuse counselor, sued Camden police for false arrest after she was charged with disorderly conduct while trying to report that she had been mugged as she left an all-day music festival at the Tweeter Center.
Gibson, who is African American and has been a police officer for 16 years, said he tried to take Halpin's report, but she cried too much, was irate, cursed, and then twice used the "N-word" in describing the two assailants who took her backpack, purse, car keys, money, and cell phone.

-- Bobcat wants to be a respected artist. I've respected him ever since "Hot to Trot."
-- The New Yorker features an excellent piece re-examining just what Atticus Finch stood for.
-- And, in closing, Charlie's trouble with cats...


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