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12 August 2009

A Valentine for the Hell-Bound Maggots of the DRPA

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
For the two pieces of skull held in place with titanium, the two busted vertebrae, the shoulder cap that still aches, and the brain lobe that says, "Hey, you still don't know who hit you with that car because the DRPA doesn't have cameras in their Collingswood station or parking lot that would have captured the drunk that got off the SpeedLine and sped a line down Atlantic Ave. nearly ended your life." (Oh, I forgot, not your fault since it didn't happen on your property. My bad.)
But allow me to add a seventh way to that loving list: The fact that even SEPTA has out-classed you now.
To reduce crime on the subways, SEPTA soon will install closed-circuit cameras in trains on the Market-Frankford Line.
The $3,349,560 project will place 10 cameras in each of the 225 cars on the subway-elevated that is SEPTA's busiest line. The installation will begin late this year or early next year, SEPTA spokesman Richard Maloney said.

What's that, you say: You also got a security grant but will whittle it away on "anti-terrorism" ploys? And going-green moves? And for sports arenas? And to pay Gov. Rendell's lawfirm? And to reopen a station that history tells you that you'll just have to close in three years?
Good moves, especially once I track down the driver who admits that he was hammered on your train and driving out of your lot. Just so you can start looking, I'll take a place with 3 or 4 bedrooms, preferably right around the corner from Ernest Hemingway's old house in Key West.
Or, better yet, maybe I'll just take Hemingway's house and bar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it's the DRPA's fault you were hit by a car? I don't blame you for being angery but make sure you direct your anger at the right person,the driver of the car.Also ,I don't understand how someone gets hit by a car unless the car is on the sidewalk.Do you just assume you have the right of way because the light is green,or because this rediculous new law say's you do,of course everyone knows before this law it was ok to run people down in crosswalks.Do you realize the guy crossing Kelly drive was jaywalking in the rain whichmakes it harder to see.How is that the drivers fault?So lets say this driver had two glasses of wine with dinner, you want to tell me it's his fault now these people walked out in front of him? Unfortunately thats what these rediculous laws do .They take the blame off the hands of the careless pedestrian,drunk or sober,and put it on the driver no matter what the situation.Like most people I like to have a glass or two of wine with dinner.God forbid some idiot,or some missinformed youngster walk in front of my car without giving me any time to react,weather it,s in a cross walk or from between two parked cars you want it to be my want to make a good honest person a criminal.You give people no choice but to run.That guy on Kelly drive wouldn't be anymore alive now if the driver had stayed there ,and if he had a couple of beers he would be in jail now because those people,who may or may not have been drinking with dinner,decided to walk off the curb in front of him at night in the rain.It's not always the drivers fault ,a couple of drinks or not.These laws should be unconstitutional.My guess is you won't approve this comment because you don't agree.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

This is so riddled with muddled, incoherent logic that I couldn't help but approve it.
It sure seems to me, anonymous, that you're the type of person who would leave the scene if you haven't done so already, which I'm inclined to suspect you have, or know somebody who has. And it was possibly the one that left me nearly dead. So, by all means, I'd love for the investigators of my case, and Grogan's, to talk to you.
No, the DRPA didn't run me over, expert of spelling and reading-comprehension. (Though, the spelling was probably an act so as to disguise the fact that you're in all likelihood literate.) And if there was a sidewalk on the street that ends at their parking lot, I probably wouldn't have gotten hit. But their lack of cameras rendered the police unable to identify potential suspects. If they had cameras, they'd have solved the case and gotten a dangerous driver off the road.
But, since you're the champion of those who take off from responsibility, that logic probably doesn't register.
A driver who leaves the scene of a hit-and-run is a degenerate who should be punished. Why run if it wasn't your fault, anonymous? I mean, other than cowardice or drunkenness.
Not only do I disagree with your comment, but it sickens me to know there are people like you out there.

11:23 AM  

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