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07 August 2009

Dong, where is my auto-mo-bile?

It's confession time: Remember that jam-packed beef-and-beer fundraiser they had for borderline life-or-death three-days-out-of-coma me? Was an awesome, inspiring event, one that proves that people are kind and good and spring into action when times are tough. I won't soon forget it, or the people who organized it. I'm planning on taking all of them out to dinner, once a couple of them get back from Europe. And not at the Crystal Lake Diner, neither, though Franco's Panzarottis might be in the mix as a parting gift.
Now, what was the point of all this? Oh yeah, beef-and-beer raffle, 80s movies boxset that wasn't claimed at the raffle and now sits on my DVD display with The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science therein. Well, next day it rains, I'll dust it off as a way of honoring Thriller-video director* John Hughes. I saw an obit that referred to him as Gen X's director and that was pretty spot-on. His films really resonate to this guy who was born in 73. Though I never pondered it till yesterday, I wonder how much his stories convinced me that you actually can making a living via creatively finding the nuances in what seem like run-of-the-mill activities. A lot, I think.

* Thriller was directed by Landis. My bad.


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