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05 August 2009

Today's Metro Column...

... is another from the "fish in a barrel" files in which the fish is played by none other than the Philadelphia Parking Authority.
The story I overheard from cousins Ericka Latimore, Christopher Washington and Keesha Wilson so topped mine that I visited them in Lansdale on Friday.
The City Controller’s PPA audit had nothing on what I saw inside Latimore’s 2000 Mercedes ML-320. Off-white rugs were stained fruit-punch red, the temperature-controlled passenger seat bore six slices, the dashboard and console wore 12 Philips-head punctures, the middle-backseat headrest was gone and the grill sported kick marks. At least the brake lines weren’t cut, we noted.

Granted, I'm not proficient with the handheld camera quite yet -- namely, the slashes in the car seat aren't clearly visible to the mechanical eye -- but here's some video. I promise to work on it...


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