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26 August 2009

Today's Metro Column and Ted Kennedy

My topic's a little more nationally-based than the others. But I was thinking nationally this past week, hence, a nationally-based column.
It started with a few wackjobs screaming “Off with [Obama’s] head” at McCain/Palin events. Political and philosophical leaders of anti-Obama land chose tacit enabling, so the fringe few became many. Their blind rage over ebbing conservative power has since morphed the public health care debates that started here with Arlen Specter into literal show-and-tell gun shows with subprime-IQ’d exhibitors. The shooting range taught me that it’s not paranoid to worry when armed yahoos gather near the president.

I know people will try to make Ted Kennedy's death a rallying cry for healthcare-reform, that we should do it for Ted's legacy. And the scum about whom I wrote this week are probably already bringing up the fact that Mary Jo Kopechne wouldn't have been saved by a single-payer option at Chappaquiddick.
All I'll say is this: It shouldn't have taken the nastiness of brain cancer to make people care about their fellow man.
RIP, Ted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The personal effects sting just as badly."
I have drifted away from several casual friendships over this divide. My best friend's mom thinks so little of me for voting democrat--she went from being someone I considered to be a part of my family to just some lady I used to know, who now signed her emails Viva Bush. Effed up.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

It's gotten to the point where it's drifting away from a looming Class War into a looming Smarts War.
Good thing I'm on the right side of that divide. I didn't want to stake a future on being with my fellow low-classed folks.

10:23 AM  

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