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07 August 2009

Take THAT, Meter-Maid Guy

Those of you with memories that span beyond a day, and were here or perusing the Metro on Wednesday, are wholly aware that I took the Philadelphia Parking Authority to task for a tow-truck driver who allegedly went all Tales of a Fourth Grade Vandal on Ericka Latimore's Benz a couple weeks earlier. Therein, I also noted that I affixed a parking permit to my vehicle around 11 a.m. Monday and, lo and behold, got a ticket for not having a parking permit at roughly 2 p.m.
Rage ensued.
Well, it's only fair that I mention this letter I received yesterday:

That's right: Bitch-ticket dismissed, and not a one has been placed under my old wiper blade since.
Hickey wins.
Hickey wins.


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