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19 August 2009

So you wanna be famous?

This post launches a casting call of sorts: You've always wanted to be in movies, right? Well now's your chance. To be in a web movie. Of a remarkably-amateur skill-level. And, by name only, unless you email a favorite picture that can just be held up before the cameras.
My pal Jack Baxter and I plan to do a weekly show about Big Brother -- the low-brow TV show, not the high-brow book -- and are soliciting questions from fans of the show. No question is too offensive or harsh or rude or run-of-the-mill. F'real.
You can post them as comments here (but please put a name -- even a fake one -- in the text since "Anonymous" ain't gonna cut it, via email (brianhickey9 at hotmail) or via Facebook comment once this post migrates over to me wall.
Dae Yum Yum, out.


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