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26 August 2009

Oh Tito Jackson, you so cray-zee

I'm man enough to admit that I watch a gossip-roundup-TV-show pretty much daily. (But not willing to say that two are DVRd.) And no, The Insider is NOT one of them anymore. I just couldn't continue supporting a program that careerraped Pat O'Brien. Shame on them. And shame on you all for not protesting it.
But last night, Mary Hart had a hot replacement on the air, so Entertainment Tonight was more palatable. Until Tito Jackson, talking about the A&E series that will provide hand-over-fist blood money, started talking when two brothers -- I really don't know who they were, so let's say Marlon and LaToya -- were strumming guitars and painfully singing. He said something along the lines of this ...
It's time for some new blood.

Either, they're cashing in on the Stackhouse craze -- Sookie, not Jerry -- or he really just can't see how new Jackson blood making money and getting more famous might strike people as a bit odd. 'Specially on the same day that the drug smorgasbord piping through his brother's veins when the clock struck death o'clock became known.
As a side note, and one of conclusion, methinks this whole "charge the doctors with murder" vibe is a little over-the-top. Rich patient had a tendency of manipulating everybody around him to give him what he wants. If Mike was here, and no disrespect to the dead, but I'm pretty sure he'd say, "Whoa whoa whoa. Leave them alone. They were only following my orders."
Ask Corey Feldman.


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