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14 August 2009

A must-read

Pork Chops breeds, trains and prepares his dogs for grueling, life or death battles against other dogs for amusement, bragging rights and cold cash. And like his fellow dogmen, he’s unapologetic about his chosen hobby, unmoved by the cruelty of the bloodsport, and unfazed by the horror and scorn from the rest of society. The dogmen stand on street corners in West, North and South Philly, and everywhere in between, boasting about the exploits of legendary dog fighters like Pop Shooter, whose names strike fear into the hearts of dogmen.
"Dog fighting is mostly based on reputation," Pork Chops says, puffing a Kool as he drives down 52nd Street in the big white Chevy wagon he calls Moby Dick. "Sometimes people will come knock on your door because they heard you got good dogs. They’ll have their dog in the backseat ready to go right then," he laughs. "I’ve done it myself. It’s like the old Western gunfighters thing, everybody wants to be the baddest in town

For those of you who didn't think it happened here, here's a link to Daryl Gale's depth-defying May 2000 look into Philly's dogfighting world.


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