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18 August 2009

The Mugshot

... my audition was for an Untitled Non-Union Movie where I play an Italian Mobster who helps his boss revenge for the raping of his daughter and needs to deliver a death threat because he loves the daughter like his own ...

Psst, hey assnostril: You have the daughter rapist look down pat. Why not try out for that role?


Blogger Lego said...

B, Can you post this on your blog and help me get the word out to other commenters? Kade/Kang is blocking me from posting this on his blog...
OK folks, I started a Google account so we can get a blog set up… if you email me I will pass along the info for the blog . Please use an ANONYMOUS account, bc i would ideally like to keep everyone’s name private so they feel free to share the maximum amount of details and facts they know.

The email address I have established to get this thing rolling is: legowigkade [at] gmail {dot} com

For right now, we need someone who knows how to use Blogger and can set us up with a basic, visually pleasing set up. Any volunteers?

I would also like to get 5-10 contributors… Polemicists, writers, real actors, people who know Doucheboy, people who have insight on his mental condition, etc. There is no commitment to writing a lot–contribute any way you like. We’ll set some people up with account passwords; for others, you can just email your submissions and let us know how you want to be credited (psuedonym).

We’ll look at this as PR also… promoting those parody videos by that guy in LA… sending info along to other media sources… and putting the truth out there.

Like I said, keep this anonymous and drop me a line. Just let me know what your name is as a commenter here.

Eventually, we will communicate by group emails, gmail chat, and in the comments section of our own blog… so less need to deal with this POS blog.


10:37 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

No problem at all; I consider this a public service.

10:57 PM  

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