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17 August 2009

Kade: Shame on Two Coasts

If you remember correctly, I was a tad concerned upon learning that someone in Los Angeles was doing a Web series about Arthur Kadyshes. I felt as if it would only feed the ego of a douchdebeast who somehow manages to turn insult into compliment, mockery into celebration. (It must be the enormous shoulders.)
When I watched the first episode of Kevin Brueck's "Arthur Kade: The Journey" I was expecting a continuation of the whole "Cartoon Network people love him, even though Sarah-Silverman's-sister Laura und friends clearly didn't" vibe. What I got was this...

... and, to my Kadehatin' mind, this was a great laying of the groundwork for the ego-decimation of a wannabe actor with no darts in the talent quiver. (If it's double tomfoolery in which the Illuminati that created character Kade are continuing their tomfoolery, consider me tomfooled.)
I emailed Brueck over the weekend to say thanks for seeing 2009's Russian Powerbottom of the Great Northeast for what most of Philadelphia sees him as. And, to conduct a Q&A with the guy who's done the most to-date with a camera to make Kade see his unstable reality for the fallacy it truly is.

Hickey: What drew you to the idea of mockumentarizing Arthur Kade? (And, how did he grab your attention initially?)
Kevin Brueck: A friend of mine sent me a link to and said that this guy was beyond ridiculous and that I had to check out his blog. After reading a couple of his posts I couldn't believe this guy was for real. The depths of his delusion and narcissism know no bounds. After seeing his YouTube channel it was sealed for me. I knew I had to make fun of this ass clown and bring him back down to earth.

H: Yes, Philly has its share of scrotesque individuals, but I'm of the mind that there's someone like Kade on every corner, in every club [in Hollywood]. Is that the case? How does Kade compare to other douchebags you've encountered?
KB: Los Angeles is no doubt the scrotum capitol of the world. This town invented Von Dutch and Ed Hardy. Douche bags flock here like the salmon of Capistrono. So the fact that Arthur wants to move out here to pursue "the journey" its more of a nature taking its course kind of thing.

H: Has Kade reached out to you? If so, is he under the impression that your project is positive? If not, what would you like to tell him?
KB: Arthur has not reached out to me. I've tried making my videos "video responses" to some of his more popular YouTube videos but he hasn't accepted them. I can't imagine why:)

H: Is there a danger of all the attention landing him a reality-show role? Would that be good or bad for American culture?
KB: I thought about this for awhile: should I do a fake reality show about Arthur Kade? Will it make him even more popular than he is already? In the end I decided to go with it because a guy like Arthur Kade is never going to get famous. He's never going to get a reality show. We've already got VH1's "Tool Academy" and MTV's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?!" Arthur would never get a reality show because he's one dimensional AND he's not nearly famous enough. There's only so many times he could say into the camera "Kade Out" before we got sick of the schtick.

H: Ranked in order of douchiness: Arthur Kade, Tom Cruise, Spencer Pratt, Justin Bobby, Gallagher, anybody who has ever appeared on I Love New York (except 12 Pack and the Entertainer), the Dog Whisperer, Bill Maher.
KB: Arthur Kade, Spencer Pratt, Justin Bobby, Tom Cruise, Gallagher, the Dog Whisperer and Bill Maher. I've never seen 'I Love New York' so I can't take into account that "douche factor". If someone came up to me and said, "Who would you rather punch square in the face: Arthur Kade or Spencer Pratt?" I'm pretty sure my head would explode because I couldn't decide. There's so much douche there its mind boggling.

H: How has immersing yourself in the Kade realm effected you personally? Will you ever recover?
KB: It hasn't really affected my personality at all. I suppose I feel better about myself as a person because, lets face it, anybody feels better about themselves after reading a few sentences of Arthur Kade's self indulgent blog.

Well, there you have it, complete with a promise that Brueck plans on "burning him much harder in future episodes."


Blogger hellkell said...

Now THAT was funny, unlike Kade's trainwreck of shame.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a nightmare for Kade's marketing people (at WOT Marketing) and GN Kang. This guy is better looking, in better shape, has better style, hell--he's even taller (which probably gives Kade a hard on).

Amazing stuff... I love your blog entries about Kade. He's like a trainwreck of the worst traits and it's hard to look away. I can't believe there is someone who is that big of a liar--he lives with his step mom and is blowing through all his savings after being laid off from Ameriprise. Only an TRUE idiot would think that is a good idea.

Thanks for this blog entry, LOL

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The video mocking Kade has over 2000 views so far.

Kade's own videos rarely get more than 200-300 these days.


10:09 AM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

I've tried to enact a Prohibition on myself looking at his site, and you know what: It's worked in that I only drop by two, three times a week. I guess it's the sadist in me, wanting to make sure I closely monitor what will become the next-generation Budd Dwyer situation before he calls a press conference and brandishes a manila envelope.
At this point, I don't think his handlers have the slightest notion that he'll be successful, that he went off the rails long ago. Well, not literally, because some of the photos display a clear affection for a certain kind of rails.
The only thing I'll say in his defense is this: A close friend has family that used to work with him in the financial world and, while they said he was certifiably narcissistic even then, he was really good at the job he walked away from. So, I'll never rip him for that positive that he left behind in what's now become the pursuit of international mockery.
I, too, love that the Brueck video is 10 TIMES more popular than Kade's shit. Was worried about it at first, but he clearly is on the sane side of the equation. I pray/wish/hope that the Kade-portrayer wins an Academy Award for a role that he earned off Kade's back.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian, do you think that GN Kang and Ron Hansen and whoever else are truly laughing at Kade at this point, yet still egging him on to do this stuff? You have said they realize this thing won't be successful, but do you think they're taking joy in Kadyshes' ruin?

12:24 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Possibly. I mean, it's clear that Arthur has zero shame, so it's not like they have to deal with any friendship repercussions from his infamy. If they were truly sick and heartless, they could be pushing him to do more, and more, and more, even chipping in on the writing of the blog since the style varies from post to post in some cases.
I don't know Ron, but Kang doesn't seem sadistic to me. Not that I personally know her from Adam, though.
If it's a prank, it's gone off the rails and they'll never be able to spin it as a success (or money generator). They'd all bear responsibility for Arthur's ultimate "Gibson-sugar-tits-esque" meltdown.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Felicia D'Ambrosio said...

Brueck is very nice looking, Kade is prob. crying.

Kade's latest rant against an overweight woman and her child leads him to muse the he would "mate me with a Black or Asian girl" so "that I could create a mixed/Mulatto kid".

I mean, really? Clearly he's self-obsessed and means-spirited, but a racist, too?

2:52 PM  
Blogger Lego said...

OK folks, I started a Google account so we can get a blog set up… if you email me I will pass along the info for the blog . Please use an ANONYMOUS account, bc i would ideally like to keep everyone’s name private so they feel free to share the maximum amount of details and facts they know.

The email address I have established to get this thing rolling is: legowigkade [at] gmail {dot} com

For right now, we need someone who knows how to use Blogger and can set us up with a basic, visually pleasing set up. Any volunteers?

I would also like to get 5-10 contributors… Polemicists, writers, real actors, people who know Doucheboy, people who have insight on his mental condition, etc. There is no commitment to writing a lot–contribute any way you like. We’ll set some people up with account passwords; for others, you can just email your submissions and let us know how you want to be credited (psuedonym).

We’ll look at this as PR also… promoting those parody videos by that guy in LA… sending info along to other media sources… and putting the truth out there.

Like I said, keep this anonymous and drop me a line. Just let me know what your name is as a commenter here.

Eventually, we will communicate by group emails, gmail chat, and in the comments section of our own blog… so less need to deal with this POS blog.


10:40 PM  

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