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06 August 2009

IMH Phillies O

Listen, Uncle Chollie, I'm not a championship-winning manager, so I don't have a World Series ring on my finger. Thus, your opinion is better than mine. (It almost has to be: I wear a Cubs hat.) But, you need to think this whole Happ vs. Pedro thing through. You picked Pedro up to fill a gap in your rotation, right? Well, J.A. Happ clearly isn't that gap. In fact, since your squad signed Pedro, the need for him as a questionable starter pretty much disappeared, didn't it?
Happ looks kind of like Cole did before the MVP Cole disappeared into the vapors. (Yeah, yeah, he'll be back, I'm well aware.) It looks to this amateur eye that shipping Happ off to the bullpen would be the equivalent of saying, "Hey Nolan, can you drop a couple MPHs from your fastball and smile a wee-bit more." Kid's a stud. Kid's going to win you a playoff series, but only if you stop playing with his emotions.
In my humble opinion, the only starters logically worth sliding Pedro in for are: Hamels and Moyer. This is a problem because one is the reigning World Series MVP who will soon get back to championship form, and the other has double-digit wins.
Please, please, please, don't mess with a good thing. Pedro to the Pen until someone proves themselves unworthy of a starting gig.
And, Happ has not only proved himself worthy, but he may make it difficult to transition to a three-pitcher playoff rotation!
Thank you for your time, Mr. Manuel.
P.S. I know what you're thinking: Questionable motives, right? Well, the trio of Hamels, Happ AND Martinez are on my fantasy baseball roster, so it ain't out of greed that I lobby for Happ.


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