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17 August 2009

I wish I could embed some polling data on here...

... and ask Philadelphians to answer two-and-a-half simple questions:
1. Do you feel better about yourselves now that you've had a few days to prove you care enough about the welfare of animals to loudly get on the anti-Vick bandwagon?

1a. You've volunteered at, or made charitable donations to, the Humane Society before, right?

2. Are you willing to take that energy and plant it firmly into the ground for another cause like, say, child abuse or rape; or are you content with being a non-people person?

Non-related update (via Harry Cook): "Deputy Mayor Gillison speaks on Philly's Reentry program Vick hire has brought to forefront."
Non-related update II (via friend of McNabb's when I asked, pre-Don's-blog-post, for reaction): "He's thrilled. All he wants to do is win."


Blogger Pat said...

I'm more pissed about the teams reluctance to pay the money it owed the city from construction, that the city helped pay for by the way, while fire fighters were losing jobs and pools nad libraries were closing.

Also, insteresting fact-of the 30 NFL teams, many people have said that Philadelphia is if not the worst, it is near the top, in dog fighting cases in those cities (I know NY has two teams, and all). So, for all these people that are annoyed by Vick, what about your neighbors that have been doing it for years? If anything, him coming and donating money-as you astutely brought up the fact that many of those protesters probably haven't donated money-culd give a boost to stopping the dog fights in the city. How do I know Phila is so bad? I'm taking information from various reporters-so I very well could be wrong.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Yeah, that's kind of a prick move, what with the owner joining the billionaire club off of the city's back and all. I don't know how dogranking cities works, but when I was at City Paper, Daryl Gale did a two-part cover story on it (I only delved into the cockfighting side of things a couple years later here, but did a few pieces about Atlantic City fights; there was one project notorious for weekend dog fights). Based on that -- and hearing about TV crew stakeouts in N. Philly hoping to catch a certain athlete who was alleged to have been involved with dog fights -- I assume we're near the top of the list of major cities.
But, I can only imagine it's more pervasive rurally than urban.

3:15 PM  
Blogger dx said...

1. i don't feel better about myself, but i am definitely pretty sad that i now consider a few people i know to have a shitty moral compass.

1a. not the Humane Society, no. but PAWS, yes.

2. i'm actually fairly happy to be a non-people person. but i still do occasionally also volunteer time to help them, too (mostly gay charities, but also some political organizations)

8:33 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

I've always had a soft spot for PAWS. Took a field trip in either the fifth or sixth grade to their, well I guess I would call it facility, but it was a zoo of sorts.
And I'm with you: I don't much like people either. A lot of them are very, very bad.

9:59 PM  

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