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14 August 2009

I, Charlie Dawg Hickey...

... hereby support Michael Vick's return to the NFL. He did his crime -- and, arf, they were some nasty ones, arf -- and he did his time. That's not to say that I'll hang out with him anytime soon, or have my dad Brian buy me a Vick jersey (and not just because I'm a McNabb and DeSean Jackson fan). But, like the old adage goes: Euthanizers and bad owners that let us run into the street kill more dogs than Vick did. Or something like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlie Dawg! What if that was one of your friends that was tortured and killed! I'm so confused, C.D. I really am.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

She can't type, so I'll transcribe what she just said:
"Arf. I would hate it if Vick got his hands on one of my friends or loved ones. But if I found out he had, I would wait until the perfect moment, when he was alone, and it was dark outside, and attack both of his Achilles heels, not letting up until he fell, weeping, begging for a mercy that I wouldn't provide. Even though he didn't hurt any of my friends, I'm still mad at him, an emotion that rises to loathing and hatred when I hear what he did to my fellow canines. But he was punished for that and I believe in second chances. Most of my doggie friends agree: Make him prove his human worthy by helping the SPCA out and while he won't be entirely forgiven, we can allow him to work for a living again."

1:51 PM  

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