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07 August 2009

Dope or Diabetic Stroke?

If this story wasn't sad/surreal/tragic/Reefer-Madness-y enough already ...
The family of a woman who allegedly drove drunk and stoned the wrong way on a New York highway remains baffled about what happened and is appealing to anyone who saw Diane Schuler the day of the crash or has any information about her to contact its lawyer.
Schuler's family has rallied around the woman blamed for killing eight people, including herself, her daughter, three nieces and three men in a head-on collision on the Taconic State Parkway July 26. Diane Schuler was not a drinker, family members insist.

... but, now, Dominic Barbara's involved?!?
"I don't say that the report is accurate or not accurate," the Schuler's lawyer, Dominic Barbara, told "Good Morning America's" Chris Cuomo today referring to the police toxicology report. "What I say is that none of this case is logical. This is a woman who leaves a camp ground at 9 a.m. absolutely sober. ...We have video, we have tapes, we have people we spoke to. She had no alcohol in her system."
He later added, "There's no doubt she leaves that campground sober."

Please don't let him say Baba Booey. Please don't let him say Baba Booey...


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