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01 August 2009

Corey Kemp on the Fumo Verdict

From a letter dated July 27, 2009 from the Federal Medical Center Devins, Ayers MA:
Let me start by saying I have nothing against Former State Senator Vincent Fumo, because I personally don’t know him. I can’t even compare Mr. Fumo to myself because we were on different levels in our careers. What I can compare is what Mr. Fumo was convicted of to what I was convicted of (which I am truly sorry for), and in comparing the two convictions there seems to be a disparity of treatment in regards to the sentence.
I’m not saying Mr. Fumo should have received more time than I did; I wish I could have received less time than he received. I do not wish prison on anyone because of the mental torture that it puts you as well as your family through.
Regardless of the length of the sentence, you have to come to grips that your freedom has been taken away from you. I would rather be the guy reading the articles, rather than the guy mentioned in the articles. My wife has to read about her husband, my three kids have to read about their father, and my mother has to read about her son.
Prison has definitely changed my priorities. I thank God for his protection and a sound mind during my incarceration, and I pray for Mr. Fumo as he enters the next phase of his life.
Corey Kemp

I'll say this much: He handled the news with much more fairness than a lot of us would, huh?


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