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18 August 2009

Cindy Sheehan's Tired Act

Here's what I wrote about Cindy Sheehan after witnessing one of her anti-war protests at Independence Mall in 2006:
Hill, an Army vet, conceded that "it's us who gave them the right to dishonor us" before giving me the most logical explanation as to why we can't pull out that I've heard: The first wave would see 160,000 military members reduced to 80,000 infantrymen, who'd then cover their whole withdrawal by guarding convoy routes and airstrips. "We'd start losing a whole fucking platoon at a time," he said. "After we left 'Nam, [millions of] civilians were killed. You think Al-Qaida in Iraq is going to go back to making rugs? Every time [these protesters] do something like this, it shows up on Al-Jazeera, it becomes a recruiting tool. What we need to do to bring our boys home with honor is give them what they need so they can come home winners."
I'd have loved to ask Sheehan what she thought of that but, disgracefully, after trying to talk over airhorns, taunts and "Impeach" cheers, she was ushered away from a photo-op that accomplished absolutely nothing. Which, in times like these, is the biggest shame of all.

And here's what I thought after reading that she's staking out the President's vacation to "remind Obama 'the body bags aren't taking a vacation'?"
Cindy Sheehan is still feasting upon publicity (from the press whose questions her handlers whisk her away from having to answer) rather than trying to reclaim the moral high ground that she lost.


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