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13 August 2009

Can't Sidestep Reality, Phils Fans

Yes, the douchebag who doused Victorino with a beer at Wrigley last night should receive a punishment on par with a bar-of-soap-in-long-sock beating. Uncalled for. Pathetic. On. And on. (And, look at him: He should have "Prick" tattooed across his forehead and hang out with Kade, for crissake.)
But all you Phillies fans still harping on it, just one thing: How about our city go a couple homestands without a fatal fan beating in the parking lot near the stadium bar before we get all holier than thou? Because that wasn't J.D. Drew battery night or Santa snowball chuckin or Michael Irvin taunting; that was an eternal stain on our reputations.
Short memories.
Selective memories.
So, please stop asking me to join your "Ban Beer Tosser From Wrigley" Facebook groups unless you launch a "Ban Fishtown Bar Bus Trips From Citizens Bank Park" group as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, couldn't agree more. Fishtowner scumballs, you are not wanted as part of our city. You have decaying teeth and foul breath, you have 7th grade educations, jean shorts and football jersey wardrobes, your neighborhood loyalties are not noble or Bronx-tale, they are disgusting and embarrassing.
Let me say this so that you can understand... you are an overgrown lawn ripe with trash and weeds, you are a smoked cigarette butt off the subway platform, you are a loogie on a payphone, a redbull for a three-year-old, you are the shame of your immigrated and hardworking grandparents and great grandparents. You are cursed. It will come back to all your smug and philthy faces. It will come back ten fold.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

I'm disappointed, anonymous ... That the insult-lobe of my brain didn't come up with that first. Shame on me. Bravo to you.

12:14 PM  

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