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09 August 2009

Spoiler alert: A lot of people and sharks died, but a movie theater hasn't

So, here's what I remember most about the Westmont Theater: As a 10-year-old, seeing a double-feature of Jaws 3-D and Amityville 3-D back when 3-D was cool, not a marketing gimmick. Well, it probably was a gimmick even then, but who was I to see it coming? I was 10, for crissake.

The runner-up memory: Two of my friends getting nabbed by Johnny Law for tossing eggs from the Westmont fire-escape into the big Halloween parade that just happened to annually fall on Mischief Night, ending at Duffy's home-and-garden type shop. Duffy's is long gone. It was replaced by a bank, right across the street from Perk's Place. That's Billy "Sally's Sayin Something" Harner's barbershop, for the non-HT readers among you.
I have a point here, though: That the Westmont Theater has been at risk of going the way of Duffy's for a while now. But there it still proudly stands, right down Haddon from Butcher Block, across from Wow Video and, if memory serves correctly, Cook's Liquors. But, neighbors have risen up in the face of developers and formed "Neighbors Celebrate the Westmont." They have a blog here and a Facebook group (just search the name when you're logged in). I joined, even though I'm not a neighbor anymore. Happy I did, too, as that's why I ended up seeing this trailer that Brent J. Donaway sent out:


Blogger Jen A. Miller said...

Thanks for posting this. I run/walk/drive by the theatre almost every day (and, yes, it's near Cook's and the newish Westmont farmer's market).

9:20 AM  

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