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20 July 2009

Well, that totally sucks

When I got home from Magee, I started writing Thank You cards to people who'd done something for my family and I during what was a dicey time post-hit-and-run. I'm pretty sure that handwriting a couple hundred of them helped get me back into column shape quicker than anticipated. But, there were a few for whom I couldn't immediately find a mailing address, so they sat on a To-Do List for the past couple months.
Well, when I saw that author Frank McCourt had died, I wanted my procrastinating side to do the same. His was one of the names on that To-Do List as a copy of his "Teacher Man" now sits, signed, on my To-Read Shelf...

Couldn't feel worse about not just googling his publisher's address and sending a card, so to stave off any emotional multiplication I would like to also thank Dennis Lehane, Jeremy Schaap, Jimmy Breslin, George Kimball, Mike Veeck and Pete Hamill, whose books were also sent to Philadelphia in advance of the December fundraiser. I'm still going to look for their addresses, but didn't want to take any chances.


Blogger Merrick said...

What's your affiliation to Dennis Lehane? He's one of my favorite authors and we both graduated from Eckerd College. I know that DiCaprio is staring in Shutter Island this fall- did your thank you have anything to do with that? Perhaps I should be asking what this fund raiser is and appologize for not knowing about it already?

PS- decent (though not fantastic) job of avoiding too many douche references on your blog. That loser is gaining fame in other ways and it horrifies me.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Brian Hickey said...

Absolutely no personal affiliation; either he, or a publisher of his, thought to donate a book or two to the beef-and-beer fundraiser my friends/relatives held after I got smacked by a car in a Nov hit-and-run. I was barely out of a coma for the event. Which totally sucked. Because I wanted a beer really fucking bad.
As for Douchasyshes, I try. I really do. But sometimes it's just impossible to resist. He'll get kneecapped soon, though. This is Philly.

10:37 PM  

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